I’m a man who loves nature and travel.

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, a country that has tremendous unique cultural diversity and also beautiful remarkable natural diversities.

After I finished my study, I moved to Bogor and I have been staying in this city since then. I love the environment in here – cool air, good water, and also no pollution.

My education background is actually not in tourism, but in economy. Unwillingness to work and live in Jakarta that are stressfull, so I choose to work and build my own businesses. Yes, I’m entrepreneur!

And now I am trying to write a blog with purpose to share my experience, information, ideas, and anything under the sun. Because sharing is caring 😉

My blog is not only about traveling. You can find articles with topics that I divide into two sections : Carrier Bag and Daypack Bag, which are named after this blog, two backpack


(1) Carrier Bag

When I do travel, my main bag is carrier bag or some people call it mountain bag. In this bag I put all traveling things, like clothing, outdoor gear, and others

The same thing is also on this blog. In ‘Carrier Bag’ section, you can find article about traveling. Like Hotel, Restaurants/Kafe, and Destinations Review; Travel Stories (Catatan Perjalanan); and also tips on Just Pack and Go part. 


(2) Daypack Bag

A second bag that I always carry in front is a Daypack Bag. In this bag I put a variety of others daily necessities. Which sometimes is not associated with traveling but still important.

The same thing is also on this blog. In ‘Daypack Bag’ section, you can find various articles that are not related to traveling. Such as my opinion about politics, economy, my daily stories, love, and many others.

Because I write what I feel, what I think, and also what I want to write.


So, just explore my blog! Happy stalking!